Chief Executive Officer



Dear Candidate,

We all count on lawyers and legal services at significant moments in our lives, whether it’s dealing with a tough emotional situation like a divorce, making sure a business deal goes smoothly, or facing criminal charges. Our civil, democratic society relies on a well-functioning, competitive, effectively regulated legal services profession.

But right now, not everyone who needs legal advice can get the help they need. Some people don’t even recognise that a challenge they may be facing could have a legal remedy. And if they do, they don’t always know where to find the right legal advice for a price they can afford.

Good regulation in the sector has a major part to play in meeting these and many other challenges. And that’s where the Legal Services Board and you, as our Chief Executive, come in.

You’ll have a role in making sure legal services work better for everyone—making them  more accessible, fair, and inclusive. You’ll lead a small and high-performing team focussed on  ensuring regulation is squarely focused on the public interest,  and driving a wide-ranging, evidence-based policy agenda. Your focus will be on ensuring that people and small businesses who need legal advice get better and fairer outcomes.

If you’re passionate about making a real difference in people’s lives, we can’t wait to see your application.

Good luck!

Alan Kershaw

Chair, Legal Services Board